Advantages of the Cloud

Story of a hold-out…

As I mentioned in my earlier post, cloud computing is new to many people – particularly when it comes to the individual user.  I personally made the change back in October 2011 and it’s been the best move I’ve ever made when it comes to personal computing.

I’ve  always been a hardcore MS user, relying on Outlook for organizing and facilitating my person data, communication, calendar and most importantly (for me) my project task management (via Franklin Covey plugin).  I had convinced myself that the cloud was not in the cards for me because of my desires for a flexible project task management application.  However, the deciding factor was two-fold; I was tired of the impact of hard disc failures, and my recent work in the IT arena needed me to reconsider my convictions.

So, in October I made the move to the cloud.  I started by creating a new person gmail accouunt in preparation to swing-over to the full suite of Google Apps (the best solution in mmy opinion).  So after porting my calendar, contacts and important histories of emails – I wwas ready to get started.  It only took a couple of hours to be fully up and running, learninng all the options, functions and selecting additional apps/plugins to give me all that I needed.  In the end, all of my emails and all that was important to me, was in the cloud.

Today, whether I’m on the road or on my iPad – I have full access to all my information, comuniccations, documents – everything!  Best of all, no software licenses or upgrades, no security issues or nusanse email viruses/malware.

What does that mean to me?  I get my stuff on any device, anywhere, at any time!

There are lots of benefits to being in the cloud.  Seemless integration with social media being one.  Simply put, the cloud is in the same space as Apple apps and Android apps – with lots of developers and lots of solutions, keeping me right on the edge of the latest and greatest developments – and I like it that way

I love the cloud, my only regret is that it took so long to realize the power and find the solutions I needed – and I’m glad I’m there now!


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