What’s Cookin’?

Well, I do love to cook, so definitely have to add that to my blog categories.

I’m going to include the kitchen and the backyard grill-BBQ in this section, so I’ll do my best to start sharing all the various recipe’s that I love – both mine and those I’ve collected from others.  This is where the iPAD really comes in handle, I like to use Epicurious, Big Oven, and other resources, so that I can continue to “spice” things up for the family.

One of my New Years goals was to serve up at least one new dish a week for Debbie and the kids.  For those that are the cook in the household, maybe you too have found yourself becoming predictable and guilty of rely on old-time favourites (sometimes that’s not a bad thing, but hopefully you get my drift…).

I would really like to use this category of my blog to share recipes, family “secrets,” and fabulous stand-bys.  So I’m looking for everyone who reads this, to comment below with there favourites and we’ll collect them all together.

Happy, healthy eating!



2 comments on “What’s Cookin’?

  1. Made a mean sweet potatoe shepherd’s pie for the first time yesterday! But it still does’t beat the chicken you guys used to demand of me. 🙂

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