Social Media – Marketing

Today I am starting more in-depth courses, reviews and evaluation of social media marketing.  Virtually every project I am working on, both personally and professionally, can benefit from a good marketing plan using social media.

As I’ve quickly found out, there are so many strategies out there – the bottom line is that you just have to dig into social media, use it, get familiar with how they can all work together, then develop your communication plan.  So whether it’s for our city’s rep basketball team that I help coach or a new public company – social media is the platform to best engage your “customer.”

If you have any favourite methods, tricks-of-the-trade, or strategic plans for the use of social media (and if you’d like to share them…), I’d love to hear from you.  As I mentioned in my first blog, I’ve put together a diagram of the social media marketing strategy that I use.  If you work at a company or have a need to engage social media marketing, be sure that your web-presence starts with a website platform that utilizes social media (usually a CMS – content management system), such as WordPress (which is what I’m using for this blog).  This is a whole subject on it’s own, which I’m sure will make for good discussion in a number of future posts.

Have a great day, embrace SM!


3 comments on “Social Media – Marketing

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