The Importance of Google’s “+1”

Over the past several months, have you ever noticed the “+1” badge by a website or article and wondered what it was all about?  If you own a business and have a web-presence, don’t be like so many others who ignore the impact and power of this simple “little” voting feature.

Google’s +1 is powerful and is a big influencer for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) metrics.

Google was brilliant to include it’s version of the Facebook “like” button and with it’s historical business being search advertising, the +1 feature is a key link between Google + and “search.”

The simple implementation of the +1 button is what makes so appealing.  As people browse a site or article, the reader can “vote up” that particular site, article or search result by clicking on the +1 botton.  So, for site designers, be sure to include the +1 button in your design and posts – this is something that should not be ignored (you risk missing out on increased traffic and visibility).

For marketing initiatives, ignoring Google’s +1 button will negatively affect your existing SEO and Internet marketing strategies. This +1 coupled with sound existing SEO techniques, a quantity of quality +1 votes can only help push your site up in the rankings.

Don’t be fooled, this Google +1 thing is not a popularity contest. When a visitor gives their stamp of approval by clicking on the tiny +1 logo on your webpage, there is much more at work behind the scene.  When looking at the search results, the +1 logo lights up when you hover over any of the results. However, that vote does more than show that a person likes your site. It shows Google that your site is relevant to the person who performed that search.

Remember Google’s primary/historical business…  Google has gathered metrics (statistics, trends, etc.)  on each person that clicks the +1 button. They know what they like, what categories they might be an expert in, and how much their vote should count or weigh-in on the ranking. A +1 vote from a popular person with lots of social media followers will count much more in the ranking algorithm than a vote from a person that just joined the social media bandwagon. A +1 from someone influential will help you a lot more than a +1 from a social dud – (or a guy in a “+1 boiler-room” in Asia using proxy IPs clicking on +1s all day for money) Still, every +1 vote that you receive matters.

So what’s the message.  Encourage and ask for +1 votes from your readers, and make it part of your marketing strategy.

…and yes, I’ll be adding Google’s +1 to this WordPress site as soon as it’s upgraded for additional Plugins and Widgets…


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