Pterodactyl Egg

Saw this appetizer made on a Canadian TV show (You Gotta Eat Here), which looked very intriguing – so I tried it out from memory… (they don’t have the recipe on the show’s website either…).  So here’s my take on it – and my primary recommendation is not to make the “eggs” too large..


Ground beef (lean)

Jalepeno peppers (large enough to stuff with cheese)

Cheese (your favourite bold cheese)

Hamburger recipe

Rub recipe (R3 – Rod’s Rib Rub)


  1. Prepare the ground beef per the provided hamburger recipe (above link).
  2. Cut ends off of the jalepeno peppers, core out the seeds etc. and stuff with a piece of cheese.
  3. Make an “egg” out of the ground beef, then pull it apart (in half), place a stuffed pepper and re-pack the whole egg, covering the pepper.
  4. Place “eggs” on a raised rack on top of a baking sheet (I put foil on the sheet as well, for easy clean-up).
  5. Bake in oven at 350, for approximately 45 minutes (until fully cooked) – note this time is more appropriate when you make an egg with about 1/3 lb of beef (when they’re this big, cut egg in half when serving, otherwise it’s just too big for one person, as an appetizer).  NOTE:  I love using these as left-overs, for meatballs with a pasta dish…
  6. Serve as an appetizer (this dish worked well with my cactus dip as well – really recommend this – spoon a bunch on top of each egg).

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