Social Media’s Influence on Sales

Vinny Frogameni   |   B2C

Social Media’s Influence on Sales

The influence of social media on the conversion of sales is outstanding compared to traditional marketing. Being involved and creating a community using social media has never been as important as it currently is today. It is a proven science that a one-on-one interaction with customers creates a rapport between the consumer and the business. Building trust and loyalty converts into more sales PERIOD!

Most businesses have forgotten about the way our ancestors operated their businesses, and this is the biggest mistake that can be made today. Having a mom & pop shop mentality will give customers a comfortable and personable feeling towards your company, and using social media is the perfect way to accomplish this goal. Every customer should be interacted with, on one level or another. Interaction leads to trust and trust leads to loyalty. Gaining a customer’s loyalty and trust will lead to a word of mouth marketing campaign.

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective strategies that any business can pursue using social media. For example, a client compliments you on your services, and you then respond to the client on their social networking platform of choice. This leads to the customer spreading word of your company because of the personal interaction. Let’s say a fan of Starbucks reaches out to the business on Twitter and says “I love Starbucks Coffee”. Starbucks should then send a response such as “What is your favorite cup of coffee?” This leads to the customer feeling a sense of importance, because their favorite brand has mentioned them and took into consideration what their favorite cup of coffee was. Little things like this build a strong and loyal community. When a business can build a loyal community, then they will always be guaranteed sales and will expand their consumer base by existing customers spreading their business through word of mouth amongst social media networks.

People do not visit websites to find information about the best movie that is currently out, or what the best seafood restaurant is anymore. Consumers now find their information on social networking websites. If a Facebook user views a friend’s status and it says “Robs Seafood is the best!”, then the user will most likely check out what their friend has recommended, instead of what so called “professionals” prefer on other websites. This demonstrates how the word of mouth affect, using social networking websites, is one of the most important assets towards any business.


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