Leadership Lessons

10 Leadership Lessons – for your success…

Run with blinders on

  • “Focus straight ahead – the other stuff won’t matter

It’s all personal, not business

  • You aren’t in a move – what you say and do impacts people

Think marathon, not sprint

  • Smarter decisions will be made by thinking of the long-term strategy, instead of the short-term gain.

Find a mentor

  • Get that “go to” person in your life

There are incredibly smart people who will help you if you ask

  • You just need to ask…

Leadership doesn’t need a title

  • It starts with trust

Learn to eat s**t

  • Everyone has someone over them

Grow your business network

  • As your personal network shrinks

What is more important is how you handle the BIG screw-up

  • Leadership is as much about defeat as it is about success

Get knocked down 6, get up 7

  • Persistence is necessary

BONUS: Wait it out

  • You can outlast that thing standing between you and your goals


Full post can be found here…


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