Characteristics of High Performing Team Meetings

I am a strong proponent of effective meetings.  I often find myself reminding colleagues and clients how to structure, organize, communicate and setup a “proper” meeting.

A good checklist I find to help with this is:

  • Logistics (where, how, time, date, technology for meeting/conference call)
  • Does everyone know what the meeting is about?  Has this been communicated effectively and in writing?
  • Are there any special considerations? (privacy, confidentiality…).
  • For some meetings with clients, do you need a pre-meeting so that your team is all on the same page?
  • Does everyone know the expected outcomes? (ie. when we are done, we expect to accomplish…).
  • Who is chairing and recording the meeting (minutes, recording, action items, follow-up)?

I hope you find this helpful!

This article is another good starting point too:


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