2013 Email Marketing Trends

Here is an interesting infographic, which coupled with Inbound Marketing strategies/technology, makes a compelling case for having this (email marketing, lead nurturing via email, etc.) as part of your marketing plan!

Know the difference between inbound and traditional outbound marketing, and you can thrive with your marketing efforts!

2013 Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing Trends

9 Tools to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing is one of the key strategies to modern, successful marketing plans. I have found this method to be very productive and well worth the cost of implementation, for large enterprises all the way to one-person entrepreneurs.

It is possible to implement these strategies using simple, modern technology, coupled with great content creation and nurturing. For more robust budgets, there is great technology available for implementing larger dedicated Inbound programs (ex. Hubspot).

This is a great article to summarize some great tools that are available to aid you in your Inbound Marketing implementation, enjoy!

9 Tools to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Strategy