Character and Integrity – how important is it to you?

In my opinion, there really is now boundaries for Character and Integrity. Business, family, relationships, sports – you name it – they still apply big time!

I know there are lots of technical definitions, here’s my simple take that I like:

CHARACTER – who we are and what we do when nobody is watching

INTEGRITY – doing the right thing when nobody is watching

Ralph Waldo Emerson provided a quote that, to me, emulates Character and Integrity:

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.”

How important is Character and Integrity to you?  Does it affect who you do business with? Please share your thoughts…

6 Powerful Psychological Effects That Explain How Our Brains Tick

Psychological effects

I found this to be an interesting article from the practical applications perspective. It is always valuable to understand more of the science behind our own “computer” (brain). I enjoyed this article, and as I reflect on it, I think of these 6 effects as:

  • Relateability
  • Vision and dream building
  • Simplicity
  • Planning
  • Don’t worry about what other’s think of you, it’ none of your business….
  • Perspective

6 Powerful Psychological Effects That Explain How Our Brains Tick