Chrom NetworkThere are many principles and practices in life and business. It’s easy to think of practices, as they pertain to work or a job, but principles often require a deeper perspective. Many (come to think of it, I should say “all“) of the systems I’ve created with successful entrepreneurs have been founded on PRINCIPLES. I have been fortunate to have spent a lot of time around high-level performers, entrepreneurs and founders of great organizations/companies. This is something I will always do, so that I am constantly challenged to become better at who I am and what I do!

This leads me to the principle of ASSOCIATION. This is an easy one for me, as I’m a very “environmental” person—I always want a great working and living space—hence the environment in which I operate in is essential (or highly influential) on my productivity and success. “Environment” is more than just the atmosphere and things around you—most importantly it’s the people you allow around you. I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “hang around someone with a cold and you’ll catch a cold.” It’s true, from the perspective of association. Often without knowing, people allow others into their lives and they wind up having a profound effect on their life (this can both positive or negative!).

I remember a mentor of mine saying “be careful who gets in your ear.” A word of wisdom about association. By merely associating with people, they will have influence on your choices, actions, and thinking. The best tips I can offer on ASSOCIATION are:

  • Surround yourself with positive, inspiring and uplifting people who challenge you
  • For sound advice, pick the topic, hang around those who have learned the lessons by their own actions/results
  • Eliminate negative relationships and don’t give them permission to influence you
  • Put yourself in a position to win in life by surrounding yourself with the best people and watch/listen, then act

I am fortunate to have a great team of success-oriented entrepreneurs and business owners around me. I can’t thank them enough for being who they are. They inspire, impact and motivate me on a daily basis!


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