Why Culture Matters

Yogi BeareJust got a great email on “culture” from my friend, Ken Majer, who’s book Yogi Beare! I love (military examples provide some excellent leadership principles).

I work with many business teams and the presence of a culture is very clear in high-performing teams. The same is true from a corporate perspective, but it’s the impact in an entrepreneurial environment that I find the most fascinating!

A Ken puts it, “Building a Values-Based High Performing Culture” requires four (4) key steps, and it’s his diagram that got my attention, so I just had to share it here:


The sequence of 1,2, 3 and 4 is very important because often, as Ken says, strategic planning is done typically by starting at step 3 or 4 (the cart before the horse). Values and culture first – then develop a strategy with a team that is committed to the same vision!