Leadership, basketball, it’s all the same…

So tomorrow marks the start of our Junior City Rep. basketball season, as we venture into our first game.  I’m excited to watch the boys plays because at this age they are really a team of young men.   When you get this level, in any sport, winning is not about pure talent – it’s all about having a “good head.”  What I define that as is; having “smarts” on the floor, seeing the game in front of you, looking after your responsibilities, executing the coach’s gameplan, playing as a team, and leading your team by example.

I am fortunate to coach along side of two other guys who see the game much the same way as I do.  This really helps when establishing goals, gameplans and orchestrating the team.  We all believe that the character a player shows on and off the floor, is the most significant factor in a player’s success.  It’s always a shame to see talent wasted when a superior athlete gets on the floor and they do not have success all because of something as simple as attitude.

I love to coach for several reasons – of course coaching my son for the last 8 years has been a blast watching him grow and succeed, but it’s the leadership aspects that make you grow.  Leadership by being the coaching role and then also learning how to grow leaders on the team.  Every year there’s only a couple of leaders on a team and it’s the coach’s job to teach leadership qualities and develop  the player’s character by involving them in leadership situations (ex. bringing up the energy on the team, handling tough calls by referees, etc.).

So get ready for a steady diet of leadership/basketball blogs thoughout this basketball season which runs straight through to the end of May.