GOAL: Health Transformation

After photos - May-2-13 - public

Today marked the end of my recent 10-day challenge – a simple transformation of my nutrition, health and wellness!  I’m excited, filled with energy and on my path forward to get back into the shape that I was accustomed to throughout my life.

I took a year off sports and I never thought I’d be impacted the way I was (with respect to my weight and shape!). I have been fortunate my entire life to have enjoyed a fabulous metabolism, fitness, activity and all-around health. It became apparent however, that I needed to set a goal to get back on track (jeans becoming too tight, energy way down – you know the drill…).  My 10-day challenge was made up of:

  • nutrient-dense superfoods
  • slow-burning carbs
  • highly-digestible protein
  • (all natural, all vegan)

It really wasn’t very tough at all.  Simply re-shaping my food to the above items (shakes and tablets essentially).  It has been a fabulous experience and now I’m on the path to changing my nutrition, paying attention to what the body really needs, and implementing a regular work-out routine.

Today is a different story:

  • you can see the results in the image above (13 lbs lighter, 8.5″ off my waist, hips and chest)
  • my energy level is great, I feel 20 years younger!
  • gone are the “snoozies” or slow-downs late in the afternoon
  • and best of all – I just feel great!

I know I don’t write too often about personal matters here in this blog, but since it was the fulfillment of a goal, I wanted to share the experience as I know I have many friends and followers who may want to know that it is possible and there are simple solutions out there for every challenge that comes our way.