12 Powerful Habits I Have Stolen From Ultra-Successful People

Pulling together the success tips from others is the way to “always get better.” It’s the ACTION part that’s up to you, and can set you apart from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE!

I’d like to share some of my recent powerful habits I’ve been developing and experimenting with that I have stolen from ultra successful people.

Source: 12 Powerful Habits I Have Stolen From Ultra-Successful People

5 Tips to Read 100 Books a Year

LEADERS are READERS, is something I’ve heard and lived by, ever since entering the entrepreneurial world. This article has some great tips for those who don’t classify themselves as avid readers.

Leaders are Readers!

Our libraries are paved with gold. You have to know how to use the gold you have.

Source: 5 Tips to Read 100 Books a Year

Why Culture Matters

Yogi BeareJust got a great email on “culture” from my friend, Ken Majer, who’s book Yogi Beare! I love (military examples provide some excellent leadership principles).

I work with many business teams and the presence of a culture is very clear in high-performing teams. The same is true from a corporate perspective, but it’s the impact in an entrepreneurial environment that I find the most fascinating!

A Ken puts it, “Building a Values-Based High Performing Culture” requires four (4) key steps, and it’s his diagram that got my attention, so I just had to share it here:


The sequence of 1,2, 3 and 4 is very important because often, as Ken says, strategic planning is done typically by starting at step 3 or 4 (the cart before the horse). Values and culture first – then develop a strategy with a team that is committed to the same vision!

Managers vs. LEADERS

Managers vs Leaders

Leadership lessons are great to keep you focussed on making good decisions and creating a winning culture for your team. Regardless of what industry you’re in, or how large of a team you are leading (it might only be you…), these are great lessons!

SUCCESS WITH SYSTEMS – the sales and marketing essential!

By request, this post brings together the content from three posts (parts I, II, and III). This is an article I refer some of my business enquiries to, when it comes to building an effective sales organization or team. It is applicable to high tech sales teach (ex. IT solutions), selling real estate, direct selling organizations—basically any sales organization.

The human element is always the most complex piece of building a business. Whether it’s the sales team itself or customer dynamics, systems are the key to success.


Part I – Success With Systems

SystemsSystems - definition

Part II – Success With Systems

Systems-part IISystems - three layers

Part III – Success With Systems

Systems-part IIISystems - diagnostics