Don’t Forget Photography…

I forgot to add a personal category to my blog… almost forgot it.
For Christmas, or I guess it was pre-Christmas, I purchased a new digital camera.  My brother is an amazing nature photographer in Arizona, he does coffee table book quality images – just amazing!

So I decided on the Sony NEX 5n, with an additional 55-210mm zoom.  This machine is great, and so easy to produce sporting event photos/videos, nature,  – you name.  And yes, I even took shots of our reef tank (see the corals below…).

I’ve used this camera for Kyle’s highschool basketball games, Christmas portraits, action shots, panoramas, and even shots of the dogs.  Lots of fun and so many features you can utilize.  Now I know why some people get so addicted to creating gorgeous photos.  I’ll never compete with my brother, but this is fun!  What a great way to blend my hobbies together (sports, reef tanks, travel, technology…).