Google adds coral reef panoramas to Street View maps


coral reef

Google adds coral reef panoramas to Street View maps.


Why Reef Aquariums?

Ok, so some of you may be wondering what the two (2) images in the upper right-hand corner of my home page are…

One of my personal interests, ok – hobby, is reef aquariums.  About seven (7) years ago my wife and I ventured into salt-water tanks.  Back when I was in school (before University days…), my brother and I kept quite a few fresh water aquariums and we both worked at the local pet shop (actually I got to work there when I was 13 because he left for Queens University, and they needed a fish guy…).  We literally had about 50 different tanks and we bread many types of fish.  So that’s why fish/aquariums were on the Rod radar…

So back to those images in the upper right corner, they are corals – yes, live corals that are kept in reef tanks.  Today, technology and awareness for conservation efforts (saving rare coral, fish, etc.) make this an exciting hobby.  Being an engineer, I love the technology associated with making these living systems work – it’s a complete control system of measurement, chemistry, mechanical engineering and sheer beauty.

Debbie loves the fish, I love the coral and other invertebrates (shrimp, crabs, and other amazing critters).

So I’m just putting this post in here, so we can set the stage for future blogs in this category.  Some will even cross over into the travel area, as we love to snorkel and see the largest reefs in the wild.

Imagine having this in your own home…