We Are All Salespeople. Use These 3 Techniques to Become a Better One.

All of us, regardless of job title or influence, do some type of sales on almost a daily basis.

Source: We Are All Salespeople. Use These 3 Techniques to Become a Better One.


A Golden Rule for Success in Sales…

Sell the problem

Too many untrained sales people fall victim to this – why even people who don’t know they’re selling make this mistake (relationships, sports, business…).

People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!



SUCCESS WITH SYSTEMS – the sales and marketing essential!

By request, this post brings together the content from three posts (parts I, II, and III). This is an article I refer some of my business enquiries to, when it comes to building an effective sales organization or team. It is applicable to high tech sales teach (ex. IT solutions), selling real estate, direct selling organizations—basically any sales organization.

The human element is always the most complex piece of building a business. Whether it’s the sales team itself or customer dynamics, systems are the key to success.


Part I – Success With Systems

SystemsSystems - definition

Part II – Success With Systems

Systems-part IISystems - three layers

Part III – Success With Systems

Systems-part IIISystems - diagnostics

How I use Google+


The Google suite of tools has revolutionized how I do work in all my businesses and personally. To me, it’s all about having access to all your “stuff” any time, any where and on any of your devices (computer, laptop, tablet, phone). I can work on all my documents, publications, spreadsheets, media files – from all my devices. And best of all, no matter what happens to your hardware (computer crashes, you loose a hard disk, new phone, etc.), your “stuff” is instantly available and unaffected by any hardware issues!

If you are looking to simplify your life, go Google for sure!! (and best of all you can start off and use it for free…).

This is a very informative article, enjoy…

How I use Google+.