Great Reads

One of my favourite business-related books.  Whenever it comes down to critical or tough decisions, I often use the principles here because they apply to most things that I encounter in business and in life.  What I like most about this book is that Jim Collins and his team base the content not on pure academics – but they have long-term case studies and the resulting trends are the foundation for the book’s message – how to go from “Good” to “Great.”





So here’s a book that’s been around for quite some time, and time after time when I read a successful person’s biography/autobiography, it always seems to come around to “dreaming big” or “setting a goal and focusing on it 100%.”  That being said, here’s the book that is the first step in developing success..






Here’s my favourite, most recent Leadership book.  Ryan is a friend and a great mentor to many people.  I love the parallel to athletics as I’ve always been a fan and player of many sports.  All business rise and fall, based on leadership.  Responsibility is one element, and from my personal perspective too many people limit the impact and importance of leadership when they feel it only means “influence.”  I agree that influence is important, but it’s only one element.

Ryan’s latest book, Hungry!, is my favourite!




More to come soon…


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