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Personal & Business Technology – did they get it right?

I was up early this morning and one of my regularly scheduled Google Alerts had this article (below), from a writer, discussing a similar decision I’ve been pondering for some time now… What device and platform is best for me and my business?

Sure, I have my fleet of desktops in the house – at last count our family of 5 has a CAT5 and wireless network throughout the house, connecting 5 desktops, 3 laptops, and numerous personal devices – tablets, ipods, iphones, etc. – probably typical of most families now a days… Working primarily from home, my office has it’s high-powered desktop (need for various engineering and business development projects), and then there’s my laptop for portability (attending client meetings etc.), and then my iPAD and iPhone were my personal portable devices.

Recently I switched over to Android portable devices – giving my iPhone to our daughter – since this past year has shown me the power of Google’s OS and cloud computing for both business and personal use. So, I switched over to a Samsung Gallaxy S3 and Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet.  I have to agree with Eric (link to post below), the new Nexus 7 is a powerful device and I too find myself doing my emails, social media and even project writings (even this post), right on Google’s new 7″ tablet.  The smaller form factor fits in one hand, which I really like, and the screen is just big enough to view content fully.

Aside from liking the Nexus 7 (and the Samsung S3), what I enjoy the most is that all of may data, files, communications, access to social media, blogs, sites, etc. are identical on all my devices – same applications, same data – simply the same (this is one of the benefits of the Google cloud solutions with Google Drive).  So for me, it’s the desktop for when I need high-end software, and it’s my Nexus 7 for portable computing/connectivity.  My cell is always with me so in a pinch it too can do most of what the Nexus does, just a smaller screen and it’s my phone.  For now, the laptop seems to be the odd-man-out…

So that’s my take on technology and it has been quite a swing for me – one who was previously deeply entrenched in the traditional PC-based email and content.  Now, for the most part, hardware is simply a commodity that I can switch quite readily – as proven by a recent harddisk failure on my PC (actually it was just yesterday…).

It truly is nice to have technology make things easier, more secure and efficient!