3 Free Killer Apps for the Internet Marketer

or any other mobile warrior…


Maybe you are like me, someone who works from home, has multiple projects, with multiple devices – PC, laptop, tablets, smartphone – and you are looking for a smooth solution for taking notes or minutes and organizing your “stuff” and always having it with you.  I wanted to share a post from Adriano Abrate who found 3 apps that really help him.  Enjoy!



3 Killer Apps for Internet MarketersDo you work from home and have trouble sticking to a daily schedule? Ever felt like you didn’t really accomplish anything after a 10 hour stretch in the office? Ever have a great idea for your business and then it slips your mind by the time you get a pen and paper? These are common problems every business owner and Internet marketer has experienced at some stage. Personally, I suffered for a long time but never actually realized how much until I started using these three killer apps.

So what are these apps that I can’t live without, make my day more productive and help give me that feeling of accomplishment which we all love at the end of a long day? These three free killer apps are Trello, Paymo and Evernote.

Take a look at what they do and how I use these apps in my business.

Trello.com – Simple Project Management App with mobile integration. Effectively plan your day.

Your entire project, in a single glance.

  • Cost: Free
  • I use Trello to plan my week (my first hour on Monday is spent creating my Trello ‘board’ for the week) and to track my long and short term business goals. I use it on my laptop as well as my mobile devices.

trelloone of my Trello boards

Paymo.biz – Time Tracking App with mobile integration. See exactly where you spend your time.

Track Time & Bill Online. Get Paid More.

  • Cost: Free for the first user. $9.95 for 2 users. $14.85 for 3 users. etc.
  • I don’t run a business that charges by the hour but I do like tracking how much time I spend on certain tasks. Using this information I can better plan my week as I know how long certain tasks will generally take.

Paymo Widgetthe paymo desktop widget

Evernote.com – Note taking anywhere and on any device. Never forget a thing

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web.

  • Cost: Free for basic account. $5 a month for premium.
  • I have Evernote installed on all my devices. I love knowing that if I ever have a ‘flash of genius’, regardless of where I am, I can jot it down and return to it later. Evernote also allows you return to any photos and voice recordings you might take while on the go.

Evernotethe free Evernote desktop App

These are the three killer apps I cannot live without when I work on my Internet marketing business.
[Source: Mobile and Apps, Adriano Abrate, Oct-2-12]